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Complaints procedure

Fairway tries to provide you with the best possible service. Nevertheless, you may be dissatisfied with some aspect of our service. In that case, you can invoke the Complaints Procedure below.

We kindly request that you always first submit your complaints, preferably in writing, to the lawyer handling your case. If you cannot reach a solution with this lawyer, you can submit your complaint in writing to our complaints officer, Mr A.A. Marcus (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to his deputy Mr J.F. Bienfait (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if your complaint concerns the former.

In consultation with you, we will then try to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible. We will always confirm this solution to you in writing or by e-mail, in principle within one month of receiving your written complaint.

Should you have any further questions about the complaint regulations below, you can of course contact the complaints officer mentioned above.


1.1 complaint
any reasonably considered written expression of dissatisfaction regarding the service provided by the lawyer, made known by or on behalf of the client

1.2 complainant
de cliënt of diens vertegenwoordiger die een klacht uit

1.3 complaint procedure
the procedure used at the firm for handling complaints

1.4 complaints procedure
this document, being the written representation of the complaint procedure used at the firm

1.5 complaint officer
the person, not being the lawyer against whom the complaint is directed, to whom the handling of the complaint has been delegated

1.6 complaint registration form
a form to be used internally to implement the procedure laid down in the complaints procedure


The objectives of the complaints regulation are

a. to establish a procedure to deal constructively with client complaints within a reasonable time, in principle within one month after the written complaint is received
b. to establish a procedure to determine the causes of client complaints
c. maintain and improve existing relationships through proper complaint handling
d. train staff in client-focused response to complaints
e. improving the quality of service provision through complaint handling and complaint analysis


3.1 If a client approaches the firm in any way with a complaint, the lawyer concerned will be notified of it
3.2 The lawyer concerned tries to reach a solution together with the client whether or not after consulting the complaints officer
3.3 The lawyer concerned or the Complaints Officer respectively will ensure proper handling of the complaint in compliance with the present Complaints Regulations
3.4 Confidentiality must be guaranteed under all circumstances
3.5 The decision on the complaint will be communicated to the client in writing/by e-mail, in principle within one month of receiving the written complaint


4.1 All complaints will be registered by the complaints officer by means of a complaint registration form
4.2 The complaint will be classified according to the nature of the complaint according to the following categories
I. complaints about working methods of/behaviour by the lawyer
II. complaints about legal-substantive aspects of service provision
III. complaints about financial aspects of service provision
IV. complaints about practice in general
4.3 A complaint may be divided into several classes


5.1 The lawyer concerned and then the complaints officer are responsible for handling and resolving complaints
5.2 The complaints officer is responsible for completing the complaint registration form in full
5.3 The lawyer concerned will keep the Complaints Officer informed about the further handling of the complaint
5.4 In principle, the complaint should be settled in writing by the firm within two months
5.5 The complaints officer will provide a response to the complainant, in principle within one month of receiving the written complaint
5.6 The complaints officer will maintain the complaint file