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Dealing with debtors is crucial for your business. You want to ensure that your bills are paid and avoid causing unnecessary damage to the relationship with your debtors in case of potential problems. Preventing problems is therefore our starting point. In doing so, our approach is based on a thorough knowledge of all possibilities.

Effective Debtor Management

Nothing is more annoying than unpaid invoices. It places a huge financial burden on your company and brings with it the necessary frustration. Preventing such problems is therefore a key focus of our advice. We have extensive experience in analysing the entire accounts receivable policy and making improvements where necessary. Among other things, we take stock of whether:

  • debtors are written to and summoned correctly and deadlines are monitored;

  • optimal use is made of statutory rights of suspension;

  • right of retention can be exercised;

  • general terms and conditions are properly agreed.


Despite these measures, situations may arise where invoices remain unpaid and the use of debt collection is unavoidable. Fairway has extensive experience in complex collections, both nationally and internationally. If your claim cannot be settled amicably, we will proceed to litigation and, if necessary, seizure.

Through our international network Eurojuris, we can assist you with the collection of your claims throughout Europe and far beyond.

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