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Contracts and General Terms & Conditions

A business owner enters into a vast variety of contracts. These contracts play an important role in your daily business operations. Unfortunately, in practice, counterparties fail to honour the agreements or the agreement lacks clarity. Clearly formulating and recording agreements is of the essence.

Fairway lawyers has extensive experience in drafting and assessing contracts and general terms and conditions in a variety of areas, both nationally and internationally. We create clarity for both your company and your counterparty, and prevent unnecessary errors and misunderstandings. If unexpected conflicts do arise, we are also at your side.

Through our extensive international network Eurojuris, we can also assist you throughout Europe and (far) beyond.

Our services include:

  • (International) trade agreements;

  • mergers and acquistions;

  • shipbuilding;

  • franchise;

  • project development;

  • general terms and conditions.

We would be glad to help

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